Right from the inception of the Institute Social Responsibility Cell of Scmhrd, Inspirit has been pivotal to the objectives that the team stood by. The motive behind it was aiding the education and overall advancement of underprivileged children. Who we are as individuals today is largely determined by the guidance and support, we received from family and teachers during our formative years, wherefrom came the idea of conducting daily evening classes for the less fortunate children from the neighbourhood. Going beyond the limitations of strict classroom education, we aid their personality development through tailor-made engagement activities. The initiative has grown over the years with the active participation of student volunteers from the batch and we currently tutor more than 50 children who come from 4 schools in the locality.

Students ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 10 are taught subjects including Science, Mathematics, and English for an hour and half daily. Curriculum tallying with their school syllabus is made for every grade with the idea of individual needs of every child kept in mind such that each child is afforded the attention they require.

Year after year the flame is kept alive by Team Samatva as we watch over the growth and development of our Inspirit kids!

But we do not lose any opportunity to celebrate the joys of childhood with those special days like

Children’s Day, Joy of Giving, and the weekly fun jam sessions on Saturday!

We celebrate Children's Day with our Inspirit kids. We make it an unforgettable experience for all of them with games, music, dance, snacks, cake, and lots of fun! It is the team’s yearly tradition to invite the batch to send in their childhood photos and for the kids to select the cutest baby! For the snacks, we sought sponsorship from Radisson Blu hotel who were happy to lend a hand.

And as we get ready to wrap up a year, we celebrate the season of giving, Christmas, with Joy of Giving. We ask the kids for their choice of gifts and send the Wishlist out to the whole SCMHRD family to sponsor their gifts and be their secret Santa. And on Christmas day, the batch comes together to celebrate with the children.


Considering the manifold benefits of planting trees, Team SAMATVA along with other volunteers from SCMHRD came together to plant trees of various species (native to the State of Maharashtra), in the surrounding areas of the college premises. The plantation program was to drive the idea to students that they play an important role in responding to Climate Change and Environmental Emergency.

The event was a resounding success. The students responded with enthusiasm and took delight in getting their hands dirty. We successfully planted over 100 trees which are now taken care of on a regular basis.


22000 sq. ft. of surface area. 250 liters of paint. And 300 smiling children.

Marunji Zila Parishad School, located in the outskirts of Pune, was in a deplorable condition. The walls were chipped and covered in fungus. It was an extremely unhealthy environment for the children to study in. So, before we embarked on Project ‘Indradhanush’, we had but one goal in mind:

It shouldn’t matter how slowly a child learns as long as we are encouraging them not to stop.”

Thus, SAMATVA, in association with Indigo Paints, decided to paint the entire school. Around 100 volunteers participated with great gusto and painted the school over a period of 2 weeks. Infographics related to the days of the week, the names of the planets, fractions, etc. were painted on the walls to pique the children’s interest in studies. Animated characters were painted as well to brighten up the classrooms. Minor cracks in the walls were repaired.

The event was a resounding success, and we sincerely hope that this initiative would go a long way in making the school a better place for these tiny tots.


Reach Out, Speak Up and Inspire

Samatva believes in the message of 'You Matter'. The Happiness Project serves as a platform which enables students to start a conversation on Mental Health and share their unabridged stories online and on campus.

With the rigour and stress of MBA life, the project is aimed at raising awareness that Every Story is Important. Hence, the goal is to reach out to our friends, peers or colleagues who may be under tremendous pressure, dealing with anxiety and depression, or are even survivors!

At the heart of The Happiness Project, lies the importance of being emotionally and mentally healthy!

In addition, as a platform, it also offers anonymity should the student need it, and the stories are posted on a weekly basis.

Overall, a moment of courage will go a long way in inspiring the student community and in building bridges.


Samatva celebrated Children’s Day with the students of Inspirit evening program. The celebration started off with games for the children, followed by a feast with the employees of Radisson Blu. The children were then treated to a musical performance by one of the batchmates, and the evening concluded with gift distribution.


Anti-Obesity Day is observed on 26th of November in various parts of the world. India is one of the top ten obese countries in the world, with approximately 5% of the population being classified as morbidly obese. In order to raise awareness and to attempt to tackle this grave issue, Johnson & Johnson, in association with the Jayashree Todkar Foundation, organized an anti-obesity walk at Symbiosis Center for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD) in collaboration with Samatva, the Institute Social Responsibility cell of SCMHRD.

Despite the early morning chill in the air, volunteers came in large numbers to support the cause. The guests addressed the volunteers on various facts related to obesity levels in India and different ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.


In the spirit of Love, Light and Joy, Samatva organized ‘Joy of Giving 2019’ for the children of INSPIRIT (Evening classes). ‘Twas an evening of storytelling, music and games. Children learned of the spirit of Christmas through our special guest, Santa Claus! Gifts were also exchanged amongst the children and the SCMHRD students.


Our flagship event, TE.A.CH – Teach a Child, is a three- day drive which focuses on imparting much needed value and education, and on bringing the power of awareness among school children in the vicinity of SCMHRD. The module covered in 2019 included road safety, cleanliness, good manners, yoga and the importance of a balanced diet.

Aligning with the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda of “Leave No One Behind”, TEACH 2020 aims to drive emphasis on two Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 4 - Quality Education and SDG 6 - Clean Water & Sanitation. The three day event would ensure promotion of quality and effective learning outcomes of Primary and Secondary School children through flipped classrooms, science experiments, along with driving the conversation on Sanitation & Clean Water through activity based learning, to create a positive influence on the local community as well.

Business sustainability

Business sustainability has become important since organizations recognize the need to coevolve while balancing the interests of the environment, society and economic success. Seamless business boundaries and the growing presence of the trans-nationals in developing nations particularly India, have also highlighted the hitherto ‘western’ concept of sustainability percolate into the boardrooms and the way that companies are thinking of business today.

Stakeholders like consumer forums, activists, informed customers and shareholders are demanding that businesses adopt a symbiotic approach (sustainability) rather than a predatorial approach across various functions such as product development, marketing, operations, finance and etc.

Stakeholders like consumer forums, activists, informed customers and shareholders are demanding that businesses adopt a symbiotic approach (sustainability) rather than a predatorial approach across various functions such as product development, marketing, operations, finance and etc.

At SCMHRD, there is a special emphasis on Corporate Sustainability as a result of which students are expected to study different aspects, perspectives and the business implications of sustainability for a given scenario. Starting with An Introduction to Sustainability in the first semester, students are familiarised with the concepts, terminology and the elements that comprise a sustainable business. It is expected that the efforts will sensitize the participants and encourage an alternate way of thinking such that they are better equipped to take on their roles as informed business leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents going forward.

Vikrant Patil,, Mehul Agarwal and Suraj Kulkarni MBA-BA 2019-21 participated in Gavs Data Challenge and was awarded Consolation prize at Shaastra 2020, IIT Madras on 3rd Jan 2020.

Sandarbh Singh, Akanksha Dhiman, Akshay, MBA 2019-21 secured 2nd position in MarkSense – Live marketing case study hosted by Marketing interest Group, NITIE sponsored by Ecom Express, on 23rd Feb 2020

Karthik K A and Priyansh Gupta, MBA-BA 2019-21participated in AnubhaWe-Corporate Quiz Competition, WeBizFest held on 7th & 8th Feb 2020 organised by S.P. Mandali’s Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research (WeSchool) Mumbai campus.

Ranit Oberai and Priyansh Gupta, MBA-BA 2019-21 ranked 1st in the event Data Wars as a part of Confluencia 20 at Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee from 14th Feb to 16th Feb, 2020.

Vivek Patel. Aditya Raj, Nikhil Dhole MBA-IDM 2019-21 were the 2nd Runner up for the event “Bid The Pip” as a part of Adhikosh 20 held at National Institute of Bank Management, Pune on Feb 29 – Mar 1 2020

Raghav Gupta, MBA 2019-21 participated in National Level fest “Empyrean 20” organized at IIM, Jammu in the event ‘Markgenesis’ – the marketing competition on 1st Feb 2020.

Ayush Kumar, Sayantan Chatterjee, Akashdeep Mazumder MBA-BA, 2019-21 secured the National Winner position in the event Prodyogiki of Conspectus in Infusion’20 held at Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak on 18th-19th January 2020

Ankita Nagpal, Kushal Kumar Thakkar MBA-BA, 2019-21 secured the National Runner Up position in the event Prodyogiki of Conspectus in Infusion’20 held at Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak on 18th-19th January 2020

Nitin Bhardwaj, Priyanka Ghute, Chinmay Shahi MBA-BA, 2019-21 secured first position in Bitathon 2020 organised by CIM in association with SAS from 7th to 9th Feb 2020

Nitin Bhardwaj, Priyanka Ghute, Chinmay Shahi MBA-BA, 2019-21 participated in the competition The Ultimate Sommelier in Drishti’19 – National Level Management & Cultural Fest held at SIOM, Nashik on 11th & 12th January, 2020.

Sadiq Nabi MBA-BA 2019-21 participated in Udghosh – The Campus Leadership Hunt, Manthan 2020 organized by TISS on 9th Feb 2020

Aditya Raj, Vivek Patel, Halak Vishal Shah MBA-IDM 2019-21 secured the second place as Runners up in Stock Warz organized by Area51, Trading and Investment Capital Market Club of Indian Institute of Management(IIM), Sirmaur, on 2nd Feb 2020.

Prerit Gupta, Urshita Ghosh Dastidar, Akhil Agarwal, Tushar Rathod were the Runner up of Concord – The Management Olympiad held at Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur during Feb 7-9 2020

Jai Damania 2018-20 was the winner in the event SYNOVATE, organized by SSBF on 6th Feb 2020

Jai Damania 2018-20 secured Special Mention in Pitch Please! organized by NMIMS on 8th Feb 2020

Jai Damania 2018-20 participated in Weniyog-Business Plan Competition, WeBizFest held on 7th & 8th Feb 2020 organized by S.P.Mandali’s Prin.L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research (WeSchool), Mumbai campus

Jai Damania 2018-20 participated in AAROHAN B-Pan Competition, conducted by Entrepreneurship Cell, SIMS, held on 5th Feb 2020

Jai Damania 2018-20 participated in AVASAR 20 secured 1st position at Sydenham Institute of Management Studies Research and Entrepreneurship Education conducted on 2nd Feb 2020 

Jai Damania 2018-20 secured 2nd position in the even B-Plan of Transcend 2020, SIBM Pune on 23rd Jan 2020

Kumod Kumar Jha & Divyank Srivastava MBA_BA 2019-21 were winners for JARVIS – Analytics Event an event of Atharva 2020 organized during 16th Jan 2020 by Tapni

Piyush Beri, Suraj Kulkarni MBA_BA 2019-21 participated in JARVIS – Analytics Event an event of Atharva 2020 organized during 16th Jan 2020 by Tapni

Urshita Ghosh & Tushar Rathod MBA_BA 2019-21secured II nd position in Data Wars held in Revelation 2020 organised during 17th to 19th Jan 2020, by SIBM, Bengaluru

Jai Damania 2018-20 qualified in the top ten for the final round of SAHASIK 2020 on 12th Jan 2020 organized by NMIMS

Jai Damania 2018-20 was the Winner in the competition EN-IT-TO-WIN-IT in Drishti 19 – National Level Management & Cultural Fest held at SIOM, Nashik on 11th Jan 2020

Aakash Gupta, Vishwas Soragia, Umar Shaik 2019-21were awarded National Finalists position in ITC presents Marketing Guru event conducted at IIM Calcutta during Intaglio Dec 2019

Gowthaman K, Ashish Sahoo, Akash Phaniteja MBA_BA 2019-21 participated at Spectra 2019, on 22nd Dec 2019 organized by IIM Bangalore

Jagdish Salunke, Pulin Goyal, Pranay Saha 2019-21 participated in the competition Digital Diversity in Drishti ’19 – National Level Management & Cultural Fest held at SIOM, Nashik on 11th & 12th January 2020

Jai Damania & Rohan Jain 2018-20 secured 1st position in Zero One Infinity during IRIS 2019 held at IIM, Indore from 22nd Nov to 24th Nov 2019

S. Vivek. Dipjoy Saha, Harmeet Singh, Aritra Mukhopadhyay 2019-20 qualified the Final Round of HR Colosseum 2019, the Annual Competition of SAPPHIRE, the HR committee of XLRI Jamshedpur on 7th Dec 2019

Kanika Goal & Awni Sharma 2018-20 were the National Round Winner in Nestle Ingenium Case Study Competition, organized by Nestle India Ltd on 19th Nov 2019

Halak Shah, Sandeep Sahoo MBA-IDM 2019-21 participated in the event XIMB – MUN ’19 on 9th Nov, 2019 as a part of XPRESSIONS ’19, The Annual Cultural-Management fest of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar.

Sagar Singhi, Pankaj Sahewal, Anmol Gambhir, Nikunj Kabra & Utkarsh Goel 2018-20 were the winners of Fin Valley event organized by IVP o 10th October 2019.

Sagar Singhi, Pankaj Sahewal, Anmol Gambhir, Nikunj Kabra & Utkarsh Goel 2018-20 were the campus winners for CFA Research Challenge 2019-20, organized by CFA-RC between 15th Sep to 15th Oct 2019.

Akash Sharma & P Pawan 2018-20 secured 1st position in Headhunter in the edition of ATHARV – IMM, Indore a annual management fest organized from 6th – 8th Sep 2019 

Jai Damania, 2018-20 secured 2nd position in ‘Conundrum’ event in BARCODE 2019 organized by SIMS on 21st Sep 2019

Angshuman Baruah, Tony Thattil. Lalitha Sannidhi & Payal Medatwal, 2018-20 MBA-IDM participated in Samriddhi, a Bussiness Sympossium held by Goa Institute of Management from 23rd to 25th August 2019 organized by Scopes

Prakhar Chaturvedi & Kanika Arora MBA 2018-20 were in Top 5 of the 5th Prof. Ram Charan Young HR Icons Awards. They are invited for felicitation on 19th Sep 2019 at the 22nd NHRDN National Conference at Chennai.

Shubham Kulshrestha & Pranshu Aggarwal 2018-20 MBA-BA bagged 1st position in the Analytica event organized under SANKALP 2019 at ICAR-National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad from September 6th to 7th 2019

Nazish Kamal, 2019-21 participated in the event ABG Headstart 2019 Finale organized by Aditya Birla Group on 26th August 2019

Vaibhav Makkar & Shivam Bansal MBA 2018-20 were the event Finalist of Smartcity organized by IIM, Bangalore on 27th July 2019

Kanika Goel & Awni Sharma, MBA 2018-20 from team Mind Over Miles made it to the Final Round of Take-Off, Udaan’s first HR Case Competition held on 24th Aug 2019 at Udaan Bangalore Office.

Inter Institute Swimming Championship was organized by Department of Sports Recreation and Wellness) in association with Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS on 22nd & 23rdAugust 2019 at Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) Khadki. Best Swimmer Men Category: Piyush Kumar & Utkarsh Gupta (SCMHRD) ( 6 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze). The winners in the Men category with overall score of 62 points were SCMHRD. 

Samitinjaya Rath, Kapil Topani & S. Vivek MBA 2019-21 secured the position of National Finalist in the Revive And Thrive competition of Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, organized by SIBM-Pune & SECC

Samitinjaya Rath, Kapil Topani & S Vivek MBA 2019-21 secured the position of National Finalist in the Prayaas competition of Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, organized by SIBM-Pune & SECC

Halak Shah & Nikhil Dhole, 2019-21 MBA-IDM were finalist for the event Wipro Earthian Sustainability Quiz of Eximius 2019, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit of IIM Bangalore. There were 5 finalists from 200+teams participants from 8th Aug – 11th Aug 2019.

Halak Shah & Nikhil Dhole, 2019-21 MBA-IDM has won 1st place out of 172 participants in the event Changemakers of Eximius 2019, entrepreneurship summit of IIM Bangalore from 8th Aug – 11th Aug 2019.

Halak Shah & Ankita Chugh, 2019-21 MBA-IDM secured 2nd position in the event Vista 2019 – Smart City organized by IIM, Bangalore on 26th July 2019.

Guest Lecture Team

S.No. Date Name Company Designation Topic
1 7/18/2017 Ravindra Tulsyan APICS Premier Channel partner APICS Certification
2 7/26/2017 Rahul Menon Flock campus Marketing Head Changing marketing strategies in Tech industries
3 7/29/2017 Parth Parik Adi finshiksha Founder Nuances of Valuation
4 7/29/2017 Shailee Naik Capgemini Senior consultant Nuances of Valuation
5 7/29/2017 Bhanu Patni JP Morgan & Chase Analyst Nuances of Valuation
6 7/30/2017 Vivek Cage IG Petrochemcials Alumni Talk
7 10/11/2017 Subhobroto Chakraborty The Digtial Fellow Chief digital offcier Digital Marketing
8 11/11/2017 Raja Narayan Swami Amazon Operations Head (Pune &Nagpur) Role of customer fullfilment centres in Supply Chain
9 11/16/2017 Anupam Dutta Allied Blender & Distillers Ex- MD and CEO Execution: Key details of ISL launch
10 11/17/2017 Gargi Basu Cadila Pharma Head- Learning & Development Corporate learning and its strategic importance
11 11/19/2017 Deepak Agarwal KMC Constructions, Hyderabad AVP BOT & EPC Contract, Value engineering & project
12 11/19/2017 Kaustav Das Dabur Brand and Innovation manager A talk on Digital Marketing
13 11/20/2017 Vineet Patni Bajaj Allianz Chief Institutional Business Officer &CXO Town Hall Forum
14 11/25/2017 Achintya Ghatak CG Power and Industrial Solutions project Head Project Execution Strategy
15 11/25/2017 Pramod Panda RBI Ex. Principal Chief General Manager Future of Business and Finance 2040
16 11/26/2017 Dr. Harish Pant Hampson Industries Pvt. Ltd CEO & MD India 2020 & Industry 4.0
17 2/12/2017 Medha Gupta General Motors EX-HR manager Factory closure and negotiations at plant
18 5/1/2018 Mahendra Kadam Tata Motors secretory, Tata motors employee union Importance of Trade unions
19 1/15/2018 Sumanth Neppalli Zebpay Cryptocurrency expert Future with Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency
20 1/15/2018 Michelle Suradkar MullenLowe Lintas CHRO Rocks vs Rockstars
21 1/31/2018 Aditya Adyar Piramal Realty Head - HR Creating high performance team in organizations
22 2/16/2018 Krishna Kumar HLL Life Care Head -International Division Budget analysis
23 2/21/2018 Nikita Singh Harper collins Author If the cap fits
24 3/3/2018 Mohan Ramachandran Manhindra Rise Head- Product management & channel management Product management & Channel management
Date of Lecture Name Organization Designation
15th August Samar singh shekhawat United Breweries Business Head
15th July Manish K Shah Manba Finance Managing Director
16th July R.V. Shridhar Essar Steel India Executive Director and CEO
18th August Biswarup Saha Ltd Cementation Manager
20th July Alok Sharman York Transport Equpiment, Singapore Ex Group CEO and Director
21st July Aparna Sharma Lafarge India Ex county Head HR
23rd August Clifford Lobo Media Company Business Head
25th July Suman Mitra BOSCH Senior General Manager- HR
27th September Gurumukh Maheshwari Self Employed Self Employed
29th July Amit Kasliwal Ford Head- Corporate sales
30th July Diksha Fouzdar Diageo HRBP corporate Services
31st July Surabhi Sheshadri Borhringer Ingleheim Head
31st July Shandilya Oza Tata Group Communication CFO
3rd August Ashwini Desai - CA/CFA
7th August Ashish Jakhanwala SAMHI Hotels CEO
Sl.No Date Guest Name Organization Topic
1 20th July 2019 Mr.Akshay Jain Vice President at FinIQ Consulting Pvt Ltd Financial Technology and Capital Markets
2 30th July 2019 Mr.Saurabh Prakash Analytics Specialist at Bloomberg Bloomberg Training
3 3rd August 2019 Mr.Anil Jaisingh Senior Vice President at Moody's Investor Service a. How to plan and built your corporate career? b. Age of specialist v/s age of generalist?
4 10th August 2019 Mr.Diptarup Chakraborti Vice President and Global Head of Marketing at Zycus Tech Marketing
5 12th August 2019 Mr.Deepak Gupta Group Head of Human Resources at Karvy Group Leadership
6 3rd September 2019 Mr.Mahendra Kadam Union Representative at Tata Motors Industrial Relations
7 5th October 2019 Mr.Anjush Bhatia Vice President and Senior Wealth Manager at Sanctum Wealth Management How to Manage your Wealth
8 5th November 2019 Ms.Nivedita Nanda CHRO at Kaya Clinic Panel Discussion-Industry 4.0-A Paradigm Shift
9 5th November 2019 Mr.Rohit Mogra Head HR India IT Team and Pune Site at Deutsche Bank Panel Discussion-Industry 4.0-A Paradigm Shift
10 5th November 2019 Mr.Vijay Navgire Head of Talent Acquisition at Parkar Consulting and Labs Panel Discussion-Industry 4.0-A Paradigm Shift
11 5th November 2019 Ms.Sweety Ahmad India Talent Attraction Leader at Pegasystems Panel Discussion-Industry 4.0-A Paradigm Shift
12 6th November 2019 Ms.Sangeetha Balachandar Director HR at Trimble India Panel Discussion-Gig Economy- An opportunity or threat
13 6th November 2019 Mr.Siddhartha Rastogi Managing Director at Ambit Capital Panel Discussion-Gig Economy- An opportunity or threat
14 6th November 2019 Mr.Shourya Chakravarty CHRO at Aptech Panel Discussion-Gig Economy- An opportunity or threat
15 6th November 2019 Mr.Vikas Upadhyay Managing Director at Excellere Marketing Panel Discussion-Gig Economy- An opportunity or threat
16 5th and 6 th November 2019 Ms.Sunita Sharma Moderator at Entrepreneur Moderator-Panel discussion
17 12th November 2019 Mr.Ravisankar Head Commercials and Contracts at GMR Supply Chain Management and Negotiation
18 17th November Mr. Navneeth Sulakhe Head - Talent Management Employee Engagement
19 15th January 2020 Mr. Roy Joseph VP Human Resources The art and Science of developing leaders
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Induction Ceremony of Batch 2016
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Godrej Loud
ITC Interobang


MBA students at SCMHRD are provided with a number of opportunities at the Institute for developing a holistic vision. One such opportunity is through the Institute’s Student Exchange Programme. The strong and self-sustaining exchange programme has been designed to help the Institute serve its purpose better and enhance academic standards. Student Exchange Programmes have been established with leading schools in Europe.

An international exchange programme facilitates flow of ideas between academic institutions. Joint activities provide each school with better understanding of the methods and programmes of the partnering school and enhance knowledge and skills of students and faculty members alike. Students participating in the programme seek to broaden their academic and cultural experiences. The experience contributes immensely to building of management perspective and poise. Visiting students add to the diversity of knowledge & culture at the Institute, and enhance the effectiveness of its pedagogy.

SCMHRD has been seeking to establish an increasing number of exchange programmes with institutions having excellent academic standards.

Currently we have two exchange programs with Berlin School of Economics and Law and Telecom ecol de Management.

Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) is one of the seven public universities of Applied Sciences in Berlin. I am enrolled as a dual degree student in a course Master in Arts(M.A.) in International Business and Consulting: Human Resource Management. The course runs in English. My class in an eclectic mix of students from various parts of eastern Europe, western Europe and Asia. The university conducts various corporate interactions and companies like PWC conduct career counseling sessions. The experience I stand to gain through interaction with students from diverse background, practical learning, and corporate exposure will definitely play a part in enriching my perspective and possibilities in the globalized world. I am grateful to be part of SCMHRD, Pune

- Tushar Bhatnagar (SCMHRD MBA – 2015-17) | International Exchange student at BSEL

Globalization is one of the most transformative forces of our times and it has not left any aspect of our lives untouched. Higher education too hasn’t been left untouched. The process of providing international exposure in the Post graduate program in rooted in the DNA of SCMHRD. As a constituent of Symbiosis International (Deemed University), which fosters international understanding through quality education, SCMHRD does stand up to the vision of SIU .

At SCMHRD various opportunities are offered to students to gain international exposure. There are summer school s offered by Maastricht University, Munich University, Hanyang University, Bremen University, Telecom Ecole de Management etc. In addition to this there are opportunities provided to pursue dual degree and semester exchange in semester 1 and semester 4 respectively. The dual degree tie up is with Universities like Berlin School of Economics and Law, Telecom Ecole de Management and Deakin University. The semester exchange tie up is with ESC Rennes, Deakin University and RMIT Australia to name a few. SCMHRD seeks to increase tie-ups with other universities and endeavors to provide semester exchange opportunities to students across all semesters.

SCMHRD believes in the holistic process of internationalization which means that just as students get opportunities to travel abroad the faculty members too can avail themselves of the various opportunities presented to them. Similarly research scholars from reputed universities globally come for guest sessions at SCMHRD. To name a few Prof. Nezi Altey (Scholar from De Paul University Chicago), Scholar-in –residence George Wyeth (USA), Prof.Elizabeth Rose, Prof.Ram Mudambi (Temple University USA) have all been a part of SCMHRD’s pedagogical process.

So also Professors from SCMHRD have been invited to conduct sessions at Universities like Berlin School of Economics and Law, Cologne University , Telecom de Ecole etc.

The process of internationalization is rooted in the DNA of Symbiosis International University (SIU). At SCMHRD (a constituent of SIU), the process of internationalization has received due weightage.

SCMHRD has always encouraged student- faculty exchange programs and collaborative faculty research with faculty from International Universities, some of its achievements for the last year were as follows-

The faculty from SCMHRD were invited to deliver their areas of expertise from the University of Nottingham Trent, Berlin School of Economics and Law and Telecome de Ecole. One of the faculty members from SCMHRD also had the honour of being selected for the Endeavour scholarship by the Australian Government. A few faculty members from SCMHRD have also collaborated with faculty members from University of Abu Dhabi and Waikto University for successful research paper publications.

Additionally, SCMHRD invites experts from various domains internationally to conduct sessions either in form of workshops or as a guest lecture. Till date SCMHRD has been fortunate to have faculty members from Leeds Beckett University, Montpellier University, University of Michigan, Temple University, Berlin School of Economics and Law and many more to conduct sessions for both the students and the faculty members.

SCMHRD has also signed a MoU with the University of Wolverhampton to facilitate exchange program for the students from Infrastructure Development Management (IDM).

The students of SCMHRD participate in various summer school programs organized by Berlin School of Economics and Law, London Business School, HEC Paris. Moreover, students are provided the option to have a semester exchange with Universities like Leeds Beckett University, Telecome de Ecole Paris and Rennes school of Business.

SCMHRD in its capacity has not limited the process of Internationalization to just faculty-student exchange, but it has taken a big leap by applying for the AACSB accreditation. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, is a voluntary, non-governmental accrediting agency that oversees the standardization of collegiate schools of business and accounting nationwide. SCMHRD hopes to achieve a full circle in terms of internationalization by getting AACSB accredited.