SCOPE - Supply Chain And Operations Club

Established in 2005 as ‘’ Six Sigma Committee”, the underlying intent of SCOPE Club (Supply Chain and Operations Club) was to establish an interface for students and the corporate world. It’s a matter of immense pride for SCMHRD as it happens to be the only B-School in India to have taken up the initiative to provide a platform for the corporate sector to come together and share their best practices in the arena of Lean and Six Sigma implementations.

SCOPE has evolved tremendously from 2005 to 2015. While the genesis year of 2005 saw a humble participation of 37 companies in Pune, the 2010 edition of the event saw the introduction of regional rounds at Pune, Bangalore and Delhi to cater to the increasing demand and participation. The development continued and the 2018 edition saw the introduction of a new category – Kaizen, in addition to the existing categories of DMAIC, Industry 4.0, and DFSS to name a few. The latest edition, 2019 boasts of participation from over 100 entries.

Besides, the committee members have taken innumerable steps to enhance the reach of the committee. As a result, a brand new event was launched in 2015 - the student event “Prashast”.

This year, 2019, we feel proud to announce that we held the fifteenth edition of LSSEA - LEAN AND SIX SIGMA EXCELLENCE AWARDS.

The committee members continually work to further the purpose of the committee to an audience with an approach of creating a difference to the world.