In alignment with Symbiosis International University’s motto of “VasudaivKutumb”- World is a family, SCMHRD is driven by the spirit of providing global exposure to the aspiring managers of future.

The objectives of SCMHRD’s process of Internationalization are-

  1. To enable the students and the faculty members gain global exposure though various exchange programs.
  2. To develop research-based collaborations across various institutes in the World.
  3. To develop academic collaborations through partnerships and scholar-in-residence program.

In the rapidly globalising world student’s exposure to international learning is enhanced at SCMHRD through provisions of ample opportunities like Summer Schools, Winter schools and Semester Exchange Programs. Universities like Leeds Beckett (UK), Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) (Germany), Telecom de Ecole (TEM) (Paris), Dauphine University (Paris), Munich University, ESC Rennes (Paris), University of Bremen (Germany) and many more.

Additionally, faculty members at SCMHRD are also encouraged to take teaching opportunities at different universities world over like Telecom de Ecole (School of Mines), Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham), Deakin University (Australia), Berlin School of Economics and Law (Germany), University of Cologne (Germany), Montpellier

SCMHRD also boasts of providing in class international exposure to its students in terms of having faculty members from University of Michigan, Leeds Beckett University, conduct sessions on the SCMHRD campus for the students from various specializations. Some of the eminent faculty members include

  1. Prof DamodarGolhar, Haworth College of Business, Western Michigan University,USA
  2. Prof. Suneel Kunameneni, Leeds Beckett University
  3. Prof. Markus Loecher, BSEL
  4. Prof Rameshwar Dubey, Montpellier
  5. Prof. Rajaram Govindrajan, Esade Business School
  6. Prof.Priya Raghubir, Stern School of Business, New York
  7. Prof.Yogesh Dwiwedi, Swansea University, UK
  8. Prof.Nezi Altey

Students Testimonial

Students and Faculty List

Globalization is one of the most transformative forces of our times and it has not left any aspect of our lives untouched. Higher education too hasn’t been left untouched. The process of providing international exposure in the Post graduate program in rooted in the DNA of SCMHRD. As a constituent of Symbiosis International (Deemed University), which fosters international understanding through quality education, SCMHRD does stand up to the vision of SIU .

At SCMHRD various opportunities are offered to students to gain international exposure. There are summer school s offered by Maastricht University, Munich University, Hanyang University, Bremen University, Telecom Ecole de Management etc. In addition to this there are opportunities provided to pursue dual degree and semester exchange in semester 1 and semester 4 respectively. The dual degree tie up is with Universities like Berlin School of Economics and Law, Telecom Ecole de Management and Deakin University. The semester exchange tie up is with ESC Rennes, Deakin University and RMIT Australia to name a few. SCMHRD seeks to increase tie-ups with other universities and endeavors to provide semester exchange opportunities to students across all semesters.

SCMHRD believes in the holistic process of internationalization which means that just as students get opportunities to travel abroad the faculty members too can avail themselves of the various opportunities presented to them. Similarly research scholars from reputed universities globally come for guest sessions at SCMHRD. To name a few Prof. Nezi Altey (Scholar from De Paul University Chicago), Scholar-in –residence George Wyeth (USA), Prof.Elizabeth Rose, Prof.Ram Mudambi (Temple University USA) have all been a part of SCMHRD’s pedagogical process.

So also Professors from SCMHRD have been invited to conduct sessions at Universities like Berlin School of Economics and Law, Cologne University , Telecom de Ecole etc.

CFA Affiliation :

SCMHRD is the First institute in India to get CFA university Affiliation for its finance curriculum. Institute's curriculum is aligned with the CFA institute and as per investment industry requirements. SCMHRD students get access to CFA students scholarship, ACCESS scholarship, Women Scholarship in each academic year to pursue CFA program and excel in their career.

CMT Affiliation :

SCMHRD is the second institute in India to get CMT Association University partner status for its finance curriculum. Institute's curriculum is aligned with the CMT certification and as per investment industry requirements. SCMHRD students get access to scholarships in each academic year to pursue the CMT program and excel in their career through hands-on learning on technical analysis.

The process of internationalization is rooted in the DNA of Symbiosis International University (SIU). At SCMHRD (a constituent of SIU), the process of internationalization has received due weightage.

SCMHRD has always encouraged student- faculty exchange programs and collaborative faculty research with faculty from International Universities, some of its achievements for the last year were as follows-

The faculty from SCMHRD were invited to deliver their areas of expertise from the University of Nottingham Trent, Berlin School of Economics and Law and Telecome de Ecole. One of the faculty members from SCMHRD also had the honour of being selected for the Endeavour scholarship by the Australian Government. A few faculty members from SCMHRD have also collaborated with faculty members from University of Abu Dhabi and Waikto University for successful research paper publications.

Additionally, SCMHRD invites experts from various domains internationally to conduct sessions either in form of workshops or as a guest lecture. Till date SCMHRD has been fortunate to have faculty members from Leeds Beckett University, Montpellier University, University of Michigan, Temple University, Berlin School of Economics and Law and many more to conduct sessions for both the students and the faculty members.

SCMHRD has also signed a MoU with the University of Wolverhampton to facilitate exchange program for the students from Infrastructure Development Management (IDM).

The students of SCMHRD participate in various summer school programs organized by Berlin School of Economics and Law, London Business School, HEC Paris. Moreover, students are provided the option to have a semester exchange with Universities like Leeds Beckett University, Telecome de Ecole Paris and Rennes school of Business.

SCMHRD in its capacity has not limited the process of Internationalization to just faculty-student exchange, but it has taken a big leap by applying for the AACSB accreditation. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, is a voluntary, non-governmental accrediting agency that oversees the standardization of collegiate schools of business and accounting nationwide. SCMHRD hopes to achieve a full circle in terms of internationalization by getting AACSB accredited.

Name Designation Topic Discussed
Prof. (Dr.) Sylvaine Castellano Professor of Strategy, Dean of Research, EM Normandie Business School, Consilience in Business Practices by highlighting the condition of Italy and its coping strategies.
Dr. Suresh Renukappa Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Wolverhampton Business resilience during the Covid-19 crisis using various case studies.
Prof. Brett Trusko Editor-In-Chief, The International Journal of Innovation Science 1. History and future of innovation standards and the significance of ISO certification.
2. Innovation Management
Prof. Cecilia M. Villas Boas De Almeida Professor, Graduate Program in Production Engineering of UNIP Paulista University, Tips on submissions to top rated peer reviewed journals
Prof. Anthony Shun Fung Professor and Research Fellow, Graduate Program Coordinator,Don Antonio Cojuangco Professorial Chairholder, Industrial & Systems
Engineering Department, Gokongwei,
Relevance of research papers in drafting policy.
Dr. Sanjay Singh Professor , School of Business Maynooth University, Ireland, Fostering right ecosystem for enhancing research acumen
Prof. Samir Chatterjee Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Business and Law, Curtin University, Journal of Asia Business Studies, globalization and the world economic shift towards Asia due to India and China
Prof Wim Vandekerckhove Professor of Business Ethics, Greenwich University, Moral Imagination and Business Ethics.
Dr Rameshwar Dubey Reader-Operations Management at Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University, 1. Importance of culture for being agile and resilient and how organizational flexibility, collaboration, and leadership are crucial factors in a theoretical framework.
2. Role of Big Data Analytics in shaping supply chains: Learning from COVID-19
Prof. Georges Enderle Professor of International Business Ethics at the Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, Wealth creation and the importance of human rights and corporate responsibility in every organization and the moral challenges faced by the organizations.
Dr. Harsh Kumar Jha Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Newcastle University Business School Enhancing qualitative research in social sciences
Dr. Suneel Kunamaneni Senior Lecturer in Innovation Management, LEEDS Business School. Entrepreneurship in a challenging global economy
Dr. Sanjit Roy Associate Professor, The University of Western Australia. Role of artificial intelligence in services
Dr. Bhumika Gupta  Associate Professor, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, Evry, France. Managing Changes in Behaviour, Thinking, and Experiences of People during a Global Crisis '. 
Dr. Vic Matta Associate Professor, Analytics & Information Systems, College of Business, Ohio University. Strategic Use of Analytics
Dr Akhilesh Bajaj Professor of CIS Chapman Endowed Chair of CIS, The University of Tulsa, United States Corporate Social Responsibility: A Framework
Dr. Vidyasagar Potdar Associate Professor with School of Management, Curtin University. BlockChain and Data Analytics for Agriculture Supply Chains
Dr.Justin Paul Professor in Business Administration at University of Puerto Rico, USA COVID-19:Challenges & opportunities for businesses
Dr.Garima Sharma Assistant Professor,Director of the BIS in Social Entrepreneurship Program Andrew Young School of Policy studies, Georgia State University, Georgia, USA The future of research-practice gap post pandemic? Will it narrow or will it widen further?