Symbiosis Infotech Campus(SIC)

This Campus is the center of student life and most of the learning takes place here. There are eminent IT companies in the Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech Park surrounding the Campus. Well laid-out amenities like cafeteria, auditorium, swimming pool and a mini amphi-theatre are central to the life on campus. A Health Care Center is right on the campus. For day-to-day requirements, the campus General store, Juice bar, Xerox shop, Cafeteria, Coffee shop, Laundry service, Beauty parlour and SBI ATM counter are a great convenience. All the three Institutes (SIIB, SCIT and SCMHRD) share the same campus, which provides an excellent opportunity to interact with students from other streams. In addition, D hostel has come up about ½ km away to cater for increased intake of students. The entire campus is a "No Smoking”, "Pollution-Free" and “Vehicle free (for students)” zone. Students are advised to take care of the campus and maintain it well.

General Rules

SIC is a place of learning. Please honour it by following the Campus Rules and Code of Conduct. As a student of this Campus, we expect you to behave like a professionals from the very first day. Any changes / additions in Rules will be informed to you from time to time.

Student Identity Card

Each student is required to wear his / her identity card, around the neck, at all the time while moving in the campus. Possession of I-card is also mandatory while leaving & entering the campus each time and while travelling by the SIC Bus. Security has been instructed to report violations to the Chief Administrator.

Health Care

The Health Care Center run by Symbiosis Center of Health Care, is located on the campus and provides immediate medical attention and can arrange for expert attention and consultants if required.

One medical officer (doctor) is available on the campus for 24 hours. In case of emergencies the doctor and/or the hostel warden can extend assistance and make hospitalization arrangements.

Every student is insured under the Mediclaim Road Traffic Accident Policy. Under this policy, in the event of hospitalization, students need to contact SCHC (SIC) for guidance (Hospitalization and Domiciliary Hospital Benefit Policy of National Insurance Company). However the students are advised that the hospitalization is covered for certain types of rooms and services, taking into account the requisite care and comfort. The students desiring services beyond the coverage will be required to pay the related bills. A minimum 24-hour hospitalization is mandatory to claim insurance benefits.

Contact Symbiosis Center of Health Care for the details regarding the benefits of the policy.

Campus Facilities

  • Cafeteria
  • Juice Bar
  • Rangoli General Store
  • Photo Copying
  • Beauty Parlour for Ladies. This is located in the B Hostel.

Giving / taking items from the Cafeteria / Juice bar/General stores etc. on CREDIT is strictly forbidden. SIC / Institute will not take any responsibility for violation of this code.


Facilities like Swimming, Basket Ball, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Table Tennisare provided in the campus. In addition Chess and Carom are also provided.


Bus service is available between Hinjewadi and Atur Centre, Model Colony as per schedules announced from time to time. Students will be allowed to board the bus only on display of I card around their necks. They will not occupy the front two rows of the bus which are meant for the staff. They are requested to offer seats to staff if necessary.

Private Vehicles

No private vehicles of any students are permitted in SIC Campus.

SIC Hostel Rules

There are separate Hostel blocks for Boys and Girls. For Boys there are three Hostel blocks, one each at Main campus, Symbiosis Hall of Residence (D’ Hostel & I2IT Hostel (‘E’ Hostel). SCMHRD reserves the right to allot the rooms to the students in any of the blocks during the two-year period.

Symbiosis Infotech Campus (SIC) will allot the rooms to the institutes who in turn will allot specific rooms to the students by name. Students should occupy the allotted rooms and the bed. Exchange of rooms and/or bed once allotted will not be permitted.

Cupboards, lofts, cots, racks and tables are to be maintained without staining or even scratches. Clothes are to be folded properly and arranged neatly inside the cupboard.

Materials like plastic bucket, dustbins, mugs, etc. are to be maintained absolutely clean at all times. Mattresses and pillows and their covers are to be kept clean and tear free.

Fixtures like cloth hanging rods, pegs, glass, soap stand, mirror, washbasin, book rack, mirror/ window panes, mosquito nets, fans, light points, switch boards, top of flush system etc. are to be kept in clean and presentable conditions.

Every student will be given one set of keys consisting of one key for the room and other related keys to various furniture pieces.

If any key is lost, the cost of replacement shall be recovered from the student.

Iron, toaster, oven, water heater, tea/coffee maker or other high voltage electric appliances are not permitted in the hostel rooms. In case of violation, the appliance will be confiscated and fine will be levied.

The students are advised to conserve water and energy. Avoid any wastage of water, electricity etc. at all times. Switch off lights, fans etc. when not required. Close the taps properly when not in use.

Walls, doors and windows are to be kept clean. Nailing or pasting posters on these is not allowed.

Every room must be kept clean at all times. The toilets are to be kept sparkling clean. Proper detergents, liquids, disinfectants are to be used for cleaning. These are to be purchased by the students and the cost to be shared by the three occupants.

Hostel terrace is placed out of bounds.

Periodically there shall be an inspection for cleanliness and hygiene. Interior of cupboards, toilets, bathrooms, windows, doors, floor etc. are to be kept immaculately clean for inspection. Surprise hostel inspection also will be carried out at any time without giving any notice.

Recreation facilities are to close at 10.30 pm.

Complete silence must be observed between 12:00 midnight to 6:00 am.

Any kind of celebrations & loud music shall not be allowed during this time.

Visitors are not allowed inside the hostel. Students can meet visitors only on Sundays and on the ground floor. Students are advised to meet visitors during free time.

Only the students and authorized staff/faculty are allowed to enter the hostels. News-Paper vendors, dhobis, milkman, computer mechanics etc. are not allowed to enter the hostels. Clothes for washing, newspapers etc. are to be given/ collected from the collection /delivery point only near the entrance lounge of the hostel.

Waste paper, litter, wrappers, dust etc. collected from rooms are to be deposited by room occupants in the bigger waste bins kept on each floor. Similarly sanitary napkins/ tissue rolls/ toilet paper and like are to be wrapped in polythene/paper bags and deposited. Insoluble materials are not to be thrown into water outlets or commodes as this may result in the blockage in the sewage pipes.

Everyone is expected to wear decent and clean dress while in hostels and mess. They must be in formal / regular as per dress code outside the hostel.

Entry to campus is allowed up to 11.00 PM (11.30 PM on Sunday/Holiday) after which the gates will be closed. The gates will reopen at 6.00 AM next day. Late comers will have to make entry at the gate, which will be intimated to the student’s institute, parent and local guardian. Three late comer entries will lead to cancellation of permission to stay in the hostel and the same shall be informed to the parents and local guardians. Permission for late entry/night out will be sought by the students in writing from the Director and copy handed over to the warden/security before leaving the campus. Similarly no student shall leave the hostel premises after 10.30 PM except in case of medical emergency in which case, the warden will accord necessary permission.

Attendance will be taken by the warden between 10.00PM to 11.00 PM every night (Upto11.30PM on Sunday/holiday). Every student must sign the attendance register every day between 10.00 pm to 11.00 pm (11.30 pm on Sunday/Holiday). After marking the attendance, the student is not allowed to go out of the hostel. Going out of the hostel will lead to disciplinary action.

Students will take prior permission of the Campus Administrator for celebrating any festival or birthday. Birthdays will be celebrated at the designated place preferably between 8.00 to 10 pm. There should not be any kind of physical discomfort or disturbance to other students. Outside guests or interference of any kind is not allowed.

Alcoholic drinks, psycho-somatic drugs and /or smoking are strictly prohibited. No one is allowed to enter the campus after consumption of alcoholic drinks, drugs etc. If found in possession of drugs, liquor, spirit, cigarettes, beedies, paan and gutka, the student will be suspended from the institute immediately. If repeated, the student will be rusticated.

Food items from mess and cafeteria, tea or coffee, snacks cannot be carried into the rooms. Fruits, nuts, sprouts, biscuits and pre-packed bakery and confectionery can be kept in the hostel rooms.

Loitering around is not allowed in the academic / administrative area. During free time one is expected to be in the library.

No vehicles are permitted to be parked inside the campus.

Students are not to waste food and must maintain discipline during meals. Students should avoid shouting, loud laughing/discussions in the mess. They must be in neat and decent dress in the mess.

Bathroom slippers are not allowed in Academic Block and in the Mess.

Students have to dine in the mess only and they are not allowed to carry mess food/food items out of the dining hall except on medical advice issued by Resident medical officer in written.

If the students are going out and not dining in the mess, prior intimation to the mess at least one day in advance should be given in order to avoid wastage of food.

Extra payment as per rules is to be made if guests/parents are to be provided with meals in the mess.

Students should be courteous to the mess staff.

Students may write complaints / suggestions if any regarding the mess service in the register kept at the counter.

No food items, snacks, tea, coffee are to be carried in the academic/ admin block and hostels.

General behaviour must be polite and courteous to all at all time. Arguments and demands with mess, cafeteria staff, vendors, staff, faculty, in public places or over telephone etc. should be avoided.

Any conduct or behavior/ unbecoming of a leader or an executive or a quality professional as envisioned in the prospectus of the institute shall attract intervention and action.

Director, SIC Campus Administrator, Dean, Warden, Admin Officer and /or his/her authorized representatives can conduct regular and surprise checks in the hostels including rooms at any time for monitoring adherence to these orders and also to monitor attendance.

No girl student or any women shall enter boys hostel and no boys/ males shall enter girl's hostel except staff members carrying out official duties such as inspection, repairs, etc. that too with prior permission and authority.

Security staff and institute's staff are hereby authorized to check violations of these rules and enforce adherence. No argument with them is permissible on the norms, whichare clearly spelt out.

Students are advised not to keep any valuables such as gold/silver ornaments, cash etc. in the hostel rooms. SCMHRD is not responsible for any damage or theft.

Students are responsible for their belongings. They are advised to keep all their belongings under lock and key all the time. Mobile phones and cash should be properly taken care of. SCMHRD or SIC are not responsible for any loss of any valuables kept by a student.

Non-adherence of the given rules will attract disciplinary action to the extent of termination of studentship from the institute.

Ragging in any form is banned at SIC and SCMHRD and anyone found indulging in ragging will be punished as necessary, which may include expulsion from the institute.